The Art Economist
As Founding Member, Art Director and Designer of The Art Economist, I created and steered the aesthetic direction and brand development of the entire publication from the design of the logo, the conceptualization and execution of the iconic art/coinage cover, to the artistic and architectural layout of the tablet application. The foundation that I pioneered made it possible for The Art Economist to confidently merge with the visual elite (artists, critics, collectors, gallerists and institutions) while keeping the product accessible to all art novices.

Business Card Design
Cover Design: Barbara Kruger Issue
Front Matter Publication Design
Cover Design: Andreas Gursky Issue
Top 300 List Design
Cover Design: Liza Lou Issue
Article Design
Cover Design: Maurizio Cattelan Issue
Profiles Section Design
Cover Design: Thomas Struth Issue
Back Matter Publication Design
Cover Design: Li Songsong Issue
Public Website: Architecture, Design & Build
Private Website: Architecture & Design
Tablet Magazine Design
Sub-Brand: AE Spectrum for Gallery Participation